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The horse becomes the artist

The goal is to elevate the horse to a level of strength and elegance it would never reach on its own, improving Nature to the point of “Art”. Charles de Kunffy

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Coffee Calls the Shots

For a change of pace, we set up an obstacle course this week.  It was a combination of things you might see in Working Equitation and Western Trail classes.  I worked Coffee on Sunday, interjecting the obstacles here and there.  … Continue reading

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Venturing out alone

There is safety in numbers, so they tell us.  When you are in battle, or attempting to evade predators, that can certainly be true.  But, more than safety in numbers (and perhaps as a byproduct of it), there is comfort … Continue reading

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Body Language Reality Check

As I worked Tally on the lunge today, watching her move in or out, changing her tempo based upon my movements, I started to ponder a video I recently saw.  (I’m an introvert – pondering things is what I do.)  … Continue reading

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Love The One You’re With?

In January of 2013, at the outset of my journey back to serious horsemanship, my mother had a wreck. This was the type of riding accident that you never want to witness.  She was on Java, our 20+ Dutch Warmblood … Continue reading

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