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Do you hack?

Still on the banged-up list, from my domino impression earlier this week, my only horse activities have involved carrots and curry combs (the latter at least is constructive, being smack in the middle of shedding season).  But Spring has clearly … Continue reading

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Getting to the Real Root of “My Horse Won’t Do What I Want”

Originally posted on TSB BLOG:
TSB author Denny Emerson on the Morgan stallion Lippitt Tweedle Dee at the 1961 Morrisville, Vermont Horse Show. It is a common misconception among many new to horses, and sadly some with a lifetime’s experience,…

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Listen …

“The art of conversation lies in listening.” – Malcolm Forbes I’ve been noticing a trend of professional trainers who have suddenly “seen the light” and realized the horse is a sentient being.  They offer their confessions of a life sinfully … Continue reading

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