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Bendigo, the Event horse who wasn’t

My first horse sport was Eventing.  It was a growing sport in our state, and its lack of formality appealed to the university crowd I grew up riding with.  Wicki came with miles under his girth, and was a great … Continue reading

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Revisited: Horses are amazing!

“The horse is not a piece of sports equipment, but our partner. And all our actions should be to develop what the English so brilliantly call ‘horsemanship’.” Hans Gunter Winkler This month the world lost another great horseman when Hans … Continue reading

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Be eclectic!

The barn I spent so many years riding and teaching in was nothing much to look at.  It was your typical dusty pole barn, so common in the Western U.S.  Built by cowboys for year round roping practice (there was … Continue reading

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Horses are amazing!

Recently someone posted, on Facebook, the video I have included at the bottom of this post. It is of Halla, a famous jumping mare whose rider was seriously injured at the Stockholm Olympics – yet she carried him around a … Continue reading

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