Eye of the Beholder

A Facebook friend recently posed the question as to why so many people enjoy watching today’s competition, and don’t see the ugliness and the damage done by the training methods being used.  Why do they not seek the beauty that many of us in the 50-plus age group grew up with?  The answer is simply … More Eye of the Beholder

Seunig on walk

I’m still making my way through Waldemar Seunig’s Horsemanship.  I’ve been reading a lot of the old masters over the last couple of years, and I have to admit that Seunig is a bit of a slog compared to most.  However, every once and I while my patient reading is rewarded with some gems – … More Seunig on walk

Sylvia Loch

I recently ran across a series of videos of Sylvia Loch giving a talk and lesson on classical training methods.  She covers a range of concepts in an easy to follow manner.  The first and last are short, but the others run over sixteen minutes.  So, grab that bowl of popcorn and enjoy! Part 1 … More Sylvia Loch

Ecole Portugaise d’Art Equestre – Long Reins

I ran across this video of a now rarely practiced form of classical Dressage performance. If you are not completely impressed by the time, training and communication it takes to do this, then you still have a lot to learn about horses and Dressage!  This is a beautiful display of the art that Dressage can be, … More Ecole Portugaise d’Art Equestre – Long Reins