A moment in time

Today’s post is by a guest author – Rhonda Scott, my mother.  Enjoy. There has been a lot of chatter recently, throughout social media, regarding what is or isn’t Classical Dressage.  All of the shouting brought back a single memory that I cherish to this day. I am a non-competitive rider, seventy seven years of … More A moment in time

Seunig on walk

I’m still making my way through Waldemar Seunig’s Horsemanship.  I’ve been reading a lot of the old masters over the last couple of years, and I have to admit that Seunig is a bit of a slog compared to most.  However, every once and I while my patient reading is rewarded with some gems – … More Seunig on walk

Lessons from Facebook

I think Mark Z. and his crew have created a new algorithm for Facebook – a teaching algorithm.  That is certainly how it felt this past week.  It started with the news about horse sports getting worse than ever.  Dressage, the sport I loved, is turning into “Saddle Seat meets Western Pleasure” – hollow backs, … More Lessons from Facebook

Dressage wars

It’s getting ugly out there, folks!  The battle for who gets to claim and define Dressage is reaching a fever pitch of rancor, leaving the horses as the only casualties.