A battle of wits!

There is a battle being waged on our property – and we may be on the losing side!  Call it a battle of wits … or perhaps a battle of wills.  Either way, it’s proof that horses are not the simple, non-thinking, reactive creatures that some would have you believe!

Splish, splash …

Noble and I have been engaged in a battle of wills.  He thinks that the only time a horse should be wet is with sweat from a good hard play session.  I think there are many other good reasons – like cooling, cleaning or soaking.  Who would win this battle?

A lovely Spring weekend!

It rained Friday night.  Here in California, we are into our fourth year of drought, so any rain is welcome.  The nearly one inch of rain won’t go very far to impact the drought, but it means the plants won’t need watering.  It also set the stage for a perfect Spring weekend.