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Fun with photos: the trot

The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, yet so many involved in Dressage want to deny what the pictures tell us. The most common complaint is that a photo is “just a moment in time” – … Continue reading

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Horsekeeping while ill

The last thing I want to do is drag myself out from under the warm blanket, in my warm house, to venture out into the cold and the rain.  It has been over a week, and four tissue boxes, and … Continue reading

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A Special Anniversary

Today I am diverging from the usual subject matter in recognition of a special anniversary.  It has everything to do with horses, and yet is not about the horses.  Twenty years ago, on this date, escrow closed on a small … Continue reading

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The fearful equine

A recent Facebook conversation about positive reinforcement led to someone asking a question about one of my favorite fallacies – if you comfort a fearful or spooking horse, aren’t you just reinforcing the fear?  I first encountered that idea when … Continue reading

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Bad decision, good outcome

It was, admittedly, probably not the best choice.  Due to weather and the holidays, Noble had been idle for a while.  With his paddock now mucky, even the newly emerged grass does not tempt him to go out into the … Continue reading

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The long strange trip

Five years ago, today, we set out on the three hour journey to pick up the colt of my dreams.  More than just a dream, he was something out of a long held fantasy – and someone was giving him … Continue reading

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Do you love your horse?

It seems the ultimate sign of caring, to say that we love our horses.  Yet, I watch as people who say they love their horses treat them in ways that do not reflect that sentiment.  Even riders who create obvious … Continue reading

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