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Try not to laugh …

Things are a bit chaotic in the barn this week.  We’re tearing off an unused overhang on the back of the barn, in order to add runs off the backs of the stalls.  The roof overhangs a very low spot … Continue reading

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The Nash Dilemma

Even as Tally gives me greater hope that we will become a real partnership someday, and as mom and Coffee progress in their relationship, Nash has presented us with a serious dilemma.  I have not written much of what’s been … Continue reading

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Which would you choose?

The controversy still swirls around the method known variously as rollkur or LDR (low, deep, and round).  Someone from a Facebook group I’m part of recently posted photos and video from Falsterbro, a high level competition in Sweden.  This evidence showed that the … Continue reading

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A pure gift …

Several years ago, I picked up Horse People in the bargain book bin at a local farm supply store.  It’s an oversized paperback made up of essays, poems, and art, celebrating the authors’ and artists’ relationships with horses.  The book … Continue reading

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Ah, capricious youth!

It is not by accident that every modern sitcom surrounding family life makes jokes about kids who are sweet one minute, and acting like a brat the next.  I have known many a parent who will remark how much they love … Continue reading

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