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Dog “tricks” for horses

About fifteen years ago, when I backed off from riding seriously, I got my first dog. It was late in life, for an animal crazy girl like me. I’d grown up loving dogs, almost as much as I loved horses. … Continue reading

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Establishing leadership

I am about to become a supervisor again, after five years of being responsible for my work only.  In fact, I spent today interviewing candidates for one of the positions on my new team.  This change in role and responsibility … Continue reading

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Of triumphs, tearaways and terrifying aliens!

Another adventurous day with the horses … perhaps a bit too adventurous this time.  It started with Tally.  I am so proud of her progress – slow but steady.  Today she was so relaxed that she was actually lazy!  When … Continue reading

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A slight diversion …

We have been amused, recently, by new residents in our barn.  Our encounters first began with a mystery – some small critter was leaving its “calling card” on the floor of my tackroom.  It might have been a rat – … Continue reading

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Farewell, Katje

I learned this week that Noble’s sire was recently euthanized.  To non-horse people he would be “just a horse”, but horse people know that there are those special horses that rise above the rest.  For Katje’s person, he was one … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: Horse training methods were cruel until recently

One of my original pet peeves with “Natural” horsemanship was the mythology they developed that said all horse training/breaking prior to NH had been cruel, rough and had not taken the horse into consideration. By the time these NH guys were making it into public … Continue reading

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Move over Mr. Ed …

We have a running joke around here – that I get perfectly mannerly horses and ruin them. By some people’s standards that would certainly be true … and there are days that I’ll admit to wondering about it myself. Most people … Continue reading

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