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Two Days In Tucson

I recently had the pleasure of spending two hot days in Tucson, Arizona, filling my brain with some favorite subjects: horses, Classical Dressage and biomechanics.  I was attending “Art Meets Science: The Biomechanics of Classical Dressage.”  The presenters were Charles de … Continue reading

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Waking Up In A Strange Land

It was over fifteen years ago that I turned my back on the sport of Dressage.  I would catch whatever I could of the Olympics every four years – but beyond that I was content to ignore what was going … Continue reading

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When Horses Become Commodities

I have been reading a lot of calls from Eventing and Dressage competitors for the need to get more money into these sports.  I understand the desire – horses are expensive, and International transport and competition even more expensive.  But, … Continue reading

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Perfect Harmony

This has made a few rounds on the internet, recently, but I just have to include it here.  This, my friends is what Dressage is all about – no muscling the horse, no double-bridle, just horse and rider in perfect … Continue reading

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It is clear that as an end in itself, the aim of [the piaffe] has been missed when practiced merely for the beauty of the dance-like steps. It is not pleasant to observe the absence of harmony between the stiff … Continue reading

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How I Got Here

Horses have been part of my life for over four decades.  I was horse crazy then, and I’m horse crazy now.  But a lot of life has passed in between those times.  Horses have been a continuous part, but not … Continue reading

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